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فيلم الاثاره والدراما الفرنسي -مترجم للعربية  hot and drama french movie HD
09 Jan 2019
فيلم الاثاره والدراما الفرنسي -مترجم للعربية hot and drama french movie HD
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The Harvesters (Love, Thriller Movie, English, Suspense, Full Flick)drama movie in full length

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The Harvesters (2000): Suspense Movie, Entire Flick, Free Movie, Love Film, Romance, English, Drama Movie, Full Length, Thriller Movie, Independent Film.

Director: Tom Moore
Writers: J.E. Ellis, Matthew Kilburn
Stars: Robert Lee, Diane Luby Lane, Krystal Amber
Runtime: 1h 33min

When she and her father decide to thank the mother of the donor heart's boy, they find out that she knows nothing of the donation.

After receiving a life-saving heart, 11-year-old Danielle and her father, Jeff, search for Rachel, the mother of the child donor, to thank her. But Rachel did not authorize the donation, and an exhumation proves her right.

Danielle Carver lijdt aan een dodelijke hartziekte. Alleen een nieuw hart kan haar leven redden, maar een geschikt donorhart vinden is geen sinecure. Bijna iedereen heeft de hoop inmiddels opgegeven, maar dan is het orgaan toch opeens beschikbaar. Dani knapt weer helemaal op, en met haar vader gaat ze op zoek naar Rachel Pierce, de moeder van de jongen met het donorhart. Die blijkt echter helemaal niets van de orgaantransplantatie te weten.

User Reviews (IMDb.com):

"I saw this movie at a Christian film festival screening where it was met with rousing applause and won "Thriller of the Year". I enjoyed the acting, the story and high production value. Although it's a bit intense in places, it's a good family film (maybe not for the little ones)! The young girl, Dani (played by Krystal Hernandez/Amber) was tender an innocent, while I rooted for all of the villains to come to justice, or, you know...die! They were creepy! The female lead, Rachel (played by Dianne Luby) was beautiful, strong and captivating, which balanced out the more mild-mannered Jeff Carver (played by Robert Lee). Everyone who saw it, recommended it to others. I only wish it could be purchased in the United States...we are waiting!!!" Written by matthew-121

"Note: This movie is a Christian morality play. It will probably be enjoyed by its target audience. The plot is decent and the movie is coherent unlike some other films of its type like the laughable "Left Behind" series. The actors are amateurish rather than incompetent. The picture has decent quality. However the budget is really bad. An example is the FBI guys obviously using some crew member's pickup truck. Then there are scenes that supposedly happen at night but bright light can be seen streaming through windows. However the plot depicts the sort of criminal operations that probably do actually exist considering the demand for viable organs and the amounts of money involved. There have been proved cases of people murdered for their organs in various parts of the world, after all. Once again, probably a good movie for its intended audience but others should stay away." Written by petroglyph182

"OK someone is playing with my brain... in the cheap horror movie package deals I can usually snag for 5 bucks - this one was advertised as "a l*sbian Nazi and her g*ng of misfits...". Oops, what I got instead was a neo-Christian morality flick about the horrors of organ donation and adoption. Not that I was disappointed per say - but definitely not what advertised. (I will have to get "THE Harvesters" somewhere and see what I was supposed to get.) Though this movie did not have the spit and polish of a modern Hollywood blockbuster, it had some very good points. Luby and Lee were OK with the confines placed on them in a "Christian" movie, and even though I figured out the plot way too early in the movie, it was still a fresh idea and kept me intrigued. However they did go a tad overboard with some of the stereotyping including the paranoid next door neighbor, the computer hacker, the evil front man, and the "good" German surgeon.

With all that what I ended up watching was a semi-decent made-for-TV medical thriller. Now to initiate the search for the Nazi l*sbians.." Written by manicgecko


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فيلم الاثاره والدراما الفرنسي -مترجم للعربية  hot and drama french movie HD
09 Jan 2019
فيلم الاثاره والدراما الفرنسي -مترجم للعربية hot and drama french movie HD
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